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Shreya Nagarajan Singh, is a woman with a rich background in the arts. Born into a family of patrons and performers of the South Indian performance arts of Bharatanatyam & Carnatic music, she has been exposed to the forms throughout her life. From an early age she began training, teaching and performing in Bharatanatyam. ​She is a student of Bharatanatyam legend Rhadha Ramanathan.

Shreya studied arts management at the DakshinaChitra Heritage Museum and completed the Asia Pacific Leadership Program at the East West Centre in Hawaii, before spending a number of years at Apparao Galleries. At Apparao, she ran over 200 of their events, developing strong relationships with Sharan Apparao and others.

In 2015, Shreya was awarded the coveted Fulbright Nehru Fellowship to pursue a Masters in Arts Management at Columbia College Chicago. While completing her masters in Chicago, she also worked as the project manager on the Eye On India festival.

APLP Podcast Interview

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Upon her return to India in 2017, Shreya started Shreya Nagarajan Singh (SNS) Arts Development Consultancy, in her first step to make an indelible mark in curating and promoting the arts in India.

What makes our team special is our diversity across backgrounds and geography. SNS has representatives in Chennai and Mumbai in India (pictured here) and in the United States as well.


We work well with artists, since every member of the team is qualified as an arts manager, has work experience in the arts or is an artist themselves. We know how artists think, what they need, what they're willing to do and how to provide them with the support services they need to grow their businesses or execute successful events.

Our philosophy is: We leave the artisting to the artists and you leave the rest to us. 

To know how we can help you run your arts business or event, please request a call back.

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