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  • Aanmajothi - Cultural Wing of Saraswathi Vidyalaya

  • Adishakti Laboratory for Theatre Arts & Research

  • Antariksha Sanchar

  • Arpana Dance company 

  • Asia Pacific Leadership Program (APLP)

  • The Australia Council For The Arts

  • Creatnet Education

  • Chennai Photo Biennale

  • DakshinaChitra Museum

  • East-West Center, Hawaii

  • Ektaa Center, USA

  • Eye On India Chicago

  • Friends of DakshinaChitra

  • Ghantasala 100 & Kala Pradhani

  • Google Startup Weekend Chicago

  • ​Hamsadhwani

  • Kalavaahini Trust

  • ​Kalpanarts

  • KM Music Conservatory

  • Lalgudi Trust 

  • Madras Craft Foundation

  • PCVC

  • Rotary Club of Madras East

  • ​Sreenag Pictures | Photography

  • Sri Ramachandra Medical College

  • Tattvaloka Spiritual Magazine

  • The Children's Club Society

  • USIEF (United States India Educational Foundation)​



  • Dr. Bessie Cecile (India)

  • Kalpana Raghuraman (The Netherlands)

  • Dr. Priya Srinivasan​ (Australia)

  • Lalgudi Vijayalakshmi (India)

  • Malavika Sarukkai (India)

  • Ramya Harishankar (USA)

  • Sandeep Narayan (India)



  • Dance Conversations (with Christopher Guruswamy)

  • For The Future (Workshop Series)

  • Found in Translation (with Kumudha Chandrasekaran and Shabari Rao)

  • Funds For Folk Fundraiser

  • I'm A Professional Too (a 5-part series with CARE Spaces)

  • Learning Unlearning (with Kumudha Chandrasekaran)

  • Mixtura Vizha (with Greater Chennai Corporation, KM Music Conservatory)

  • Parivartan Annual Grant (With Priya Murale)

  • Unspoken Realities

  • What Happens Next (Interview Series)


It is encouraging and rewarding to know there are young people interested in the field of arts administration. An organization like SNS fills a great void in the performing arts ecosystem. These days, much planning goes into navigating the many areas pre and post-performance. Working with Shreya Nagarajan Singh and her group of committed team members brings professionalism and dynamism to the planning of the event. As a performing artist who believes in excellence in production and presentation, having Shreya Nagarajan Singh and her team on board for events is a great support.

Malavika Sarukkai

Bharatanatyam Artiste

Founder - Kalavaahini Trust 

Working with the SNS team has been an amazing experience. They bring with them a unique and rare to find combination of creativity, perspective and professionalism. Most closely what aligned between us and them was the shared understanding on the issue of gender and gender based violence which is a key focus for PCVC and how seamlessly they knitted it within the creative ideas they designed. The SNS team, especially Shreya, is the go-to person if one wishes to see ideas transform into art!!

Rashmi Singh

Executive Director, Programmes

The International Foundation For Crime Prevention & Victim Care (PCVC)

It’s a pleasure, though challenging, to say what is indescribable: the outstandingly sophisticated, professional, creative and endlessly caring services provided by the SNS team for the East-West Center’s Asia Pacific Leadership Program launch in Chennai in 2019. We took a huge risk to launch, for the first time in 20 years, our signature leadership program internationally (rather than in Hawaii, USA at our headquarters) with a cohort of 24 fellows and a dozen staff and volunteers from 20 countries. From the first day we met online to plan the event, through each day on the ground, (not to forget the final dance party!), to the follow-up reporting, the SNS team exceeded our expectations. We can’t wait to partner again!

Christina Monroe

Director of Alumni Engagement,

East-West Center, Hawaii, USA

I have been associated with SNS on and off since 2016. They are incredibly organised, efficient and absolutely do not compromise on quality. Shreya herself is warm, approachable and is absolutely dedicated to her work. She is sincere and is down to help with anything that she is able to, whenever one might need it. As a client, I could not have asked better than SNS. Shreya, in my experience, works with the client to help them sort out their thoughts and ambitions to plan out a roadmap for their career, which is invaluable to any upcoming artist. 

Anu Bhaskararaman

Dancer & Theatre Artiste

Shreya Nagarajan and her company have plowed an unexplored field in Arts Development in South India. Having returned from her Fulbright Scholarship in the US, she began her company, SNS Arts Development Consultancy, to help cultural organisations with fundraising, capacity building and working with issues in the arts as well as programming. She has been an immense help in organising and conceptualising the annual Utsavam program at the Dakshinachitra Museum in Chennai during the last four years. This event delves into the challenges the arts communities face and brings them  through interactive discussions and talks to the public. The Utsavam also serves as a platform for performance, particularly for theatre and folk artists.

Deborah Thiagarajan

Chairman and Founder,

DakshinaChitra Museum & Madras Craft Foundation

Shreya and her team have become like an extension of the Chennai Photo Biennale team over the years. They have planned and organised our skill development programs in 2019 and coordinated our VIP previews across venues for the 2nd edition of the biennale. More recently in December 2021, for our 3rd edition, they stepped in to manage our collaboration with the Australian Council of the Arts. They managed the planning and execution of our large scale public launch event which involved ministers and dignitaries and every detail was planned to the T and delivered in perfection. We look forward to working with Shreya and her team again in the years to come and highly recommend their services to cultural organisations who are trying to create value while being conscious about budget and the environment.

Varun Gupta

Co-Founder and Director

Chennai Photo Biennale

​​I found Shreya to be a strong contribution to our team. She is very clear and strategic in her marketing approach, meticulous and tenacious in getting the most out of the means available She had created great visibility and exposure for me and our performance!

Kalpana Raghuraman


The Netherlands

SNS is an extremely professional and thorough service for artists. Shreya is not only insightful and brilliant in the best ways possible to assist and elevate the artists and their work but also media savvy with incredible networks and connections. Highly recommend!Dr. Priya Srinivasan

Scholar & Performer,

Melbourne, Australia

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