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Updated: Jul 3, 2020

The most difficult part of the festival is planning and buying tickets ahead of time. Here are a few ways of navigating around these pitfalls:

  1. I know many sabha attendants who try to trick newcomers to buying tickets to the morning slots. DO NOT FALL INTO THIS TRAP. . The morning events are always free and only the two evening events (typically at 4pm and 6.30/7pm) are ticketed.

  2. One ticket will cover your entry for both evening concerts at the same venue.

  3. Each Sabha deals with ticketing differently, and though the prices are similar, they are not standardised.

  4. Season Pass: Each sabha has a season pass and they have different dates when they start selling them. They can range between INR1000 and INR18,000. By the time the festival starts on the 15th of Dec, most of these passes are sold-out. Apart from sabhas like The Music Academy, most other venues are relatively easy to get. If you plan on attending one sabha, I would recommend buying a season pass, as it's probably the best value for money.

  5. Day Pass/tickets: If you wish to buy tickets one has to go to the venue and purchase tickets. While most sabhas allow you to book in advance, some sabhas will have you buy on the day of the concert. More information about this in the link below.

Author: Shreya Nagarajan Singh

Shreya is the founder of SNS Arts Management Consultancy. She has a strong background in the performance arts, as a Bharathnatyam dancer and comes from a family of performers.

She has been a regular patron of music, dance and theatre for a decade and a half. Through her company she helps artists navigate the management of their careers and art organisations in curating and executing business plans and events alike.

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