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The SNS Margazhi Guide 2022-23

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

The Margazhi/December Music and Dance Season is back stronger this year, despite the many challenges of the pandemic and funding. Keeping that in mind, we know Chennai is a resilient city, be it the floods, the cyclone or the pandemic.

We at SNS have curated a list of venues/organisations who have announced in person (Live) festivals. Watch, support the arts and enjoy!

Margazhi concerts usually happen throughout the day during the dates mentioned by each organiser. The morning lec-dems, concerts along with the afternoon concerts are mostly open to all

The SNS Margazhi Guide 2022-23 Updated
Download PDF • 3.58MB

and are not ticketed, the evening concerts (usually 4.00 PM onwards) are ticketed. Tickets can be purchased at the venue and online in some of the cases.

The list in this guide will give viewers an idea of the range of concerts happening during the season; but if you wish to get recommendations on individual artists who are upcoming and/or established click here.

Margazhi 360° - In addition to the guide and updates, we will be providing daily recommendations of concerts, talks, lec-dems, meet-ups etc on our Instagram, Facebook stories and on our Margazhi WhatsApp Community.

Watch, support the arts and enjoy!


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