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Updated: Oct 29, 2020

Author: Phani Kumar

Phani Kumar is a DJ & Urban Festival Organiser based out of Chennai, India. He creates and performs Hip Hop, Funk, Soul and amalgamations of other styles. Phani began creating his own hybrid of hip-hop and dance music into a sound that fits well in festivals & dance floors. He loves experimenting with unique music by fusing Carnatic & Hip Hop music.


Before we get to the piece by our guest blogger, here is a preface. This blog has been dedicated to Margazhi related events and updates. Margazhi, is the Tamil name of the month, roughly from 15th December to 15th January, and is associated as a time in the month to relax, enjoy the comfortable weather and the arts, since during this month, no major festivities take place such as weddings or other agricultural holidays. Thus began the patronage and performance culture many decades ago. Though, in the blog and in general, we associate Margazhi to classical arts, many forms of performance takes place outside the realm of classical performance.

Our guest blogger Phani Kumar has some recommendations below for those interested in events that are not related to classical music. If you, the reader, have any suggestions of non-classical performances during this period, please leave a comment below.


​If you believe art has the power to address social issues and transform the lives of people then Vanam art festival is the one you don't want to miss. This festival brings out artforms and artists who do not get an opportunity to perform on big stages. This festival aims at bringing people under one roof and create a platform to discuss social injustice through various art forms. The festival will feature poetry, dance, music etc. This festival is to be held on December 29th, 30th & 31st at St Ebbas school. Organized by Neelam.

IIT Saarang is one of the biggest Cultural fests in India. Saarang caters to needs of all the people from kids to adults. Saarang has major night shows which cover classical artforms to Hip-hop. You can choose from the various shows that happen as a part of the fest and enjoy them with your family and friends. This will also give you a chance to walk around the campus if you have never been there before. The evening shows by big artist are ticketed but the morning events are all free and some of them require registration.

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